The Exercise Mechanic Internship

Master the Art and Science of Clinical Personal Training.

A 16-week internship for career-driven personal trainers who want to take their understanding of personal training to another level.
(Next cohort starts July / August 2024!)
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Build a profitable career doing what you love.

Whether you're a trainer, coach or clinician our 16-week internship is guaranteed to empower you with the tools, perspectives and community to think differently about the problems you encounter on a daily basis.

Our internship is routed in four pillars: Functional Anatomy, Exercise Mechanics, Pain Science and Behavioural Psychology.

Join the movement, and let's raise the standard.

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Learn More, Earn more.

In our 16-week internship we cover the following:

  • Functional Anatomy: We take functional anatomy beyond memorizing origins and insertions, we make it memorable and relevant to your career. Anatomy is the first pillar all fitness professionals must grasp, and we've got you covered.
  • Exercise Mechanics: We go beyond exclusively biomechanics and we discuss the essential ingredient that drives tissue change: force application. The body is one thing - how it interacts with the world is another. We cover all of it and make the invisible, visible.
  • Pain Science: How is movement created by the body? Where does tightness come from? Why do we hurt? The pain science pillar is absolutely crucial for the modern fitness professional. In fact we'll go as far as saying that it has been the domain that has completely changed how we work with our clients.
  • Behavioral Psychology & Coaching: The tool we use the most is our voice - yet for so many of us we've never been taught fundamental coaching and communication principles. How can we get people to do what is in their best interests? How come so many of us foster self-destructive habits? To help people get what they want, we need to understand how the human animal works and how people make decisions. We cover this and more in our Psychology and Coaching modules.

Internship structure & curriculum:

From week-1 through week-16 we host weekly 75-90 minute curriculum calls, as well as a monthly 60-90 minute Q&A call to address questions stemming from the curriculum or from the work you're doing with your clients. We've built in group experiences, discussions and challenges designed to stretch your mind so as to guarantee the best retention and application as possible. Our goal is for this internship to be an interactive experience for you, not another course that you complete and forget.

(Note: The order and specifics may change so as to reflect the pace and preferences of the group)


Weeks 1-4:
  • Functional anatomy of the trunk, lower body and upper body (bones, muscles, myths and misconceptions)
  • Fascia, tensegrity and tissue properties
  • Biomechanics essentials and regional idiosyncrasies


Weeks 5-8:
  • Nervous system essentials
  • Neurology of movement
  • Pain science
  • Injury vs sensitization
  • Personal training, healing and predictive processing


Weeks 9-12:
  • Resistance mechanics & properties of load
  • Exercise mechanics & analysis
  • Exercise design considerations
  • Reconciling exercise mechanics with neuro and pain science.
Weeks 13-16:
  • Psychology, linguistics and meaning
  • Thin slicing and the importance of authenticity
  • Why what the client hears matters more than what we say
  • The stages of competence, and much more!
+ Bonus guest speakers EXCLUSIVE to Internship members!

Here's what past students have to say!

"Etienne has absolutely shaped, and in some ways revolutionized, my approach to being a fitness professional. Through his guidance, I have developed a deeper understanding of the base components of the human body, which in turn has allowed me to make more educated decisions regarding my own clients.

I would not be half the trainer that I am today if it wasn’t for Etienne’s help over the years, and anyone who has an opportunity to learn from him should seize it!"

Ryan Taylor

"As a student of Etienne’s, I’ve developed thought processes that have been fundamental to my overall understanding of exercise science. 

If you have an opportunity to learn from Etienne, do not hesitate to take the chance. You will leave any teaching opportunity of his refreshed with new knowledge, and/or a more refined application of the knowledge you may already have. His sheer passion for his craft speaks for itself."

Lorenz Z.

"I had the great privilege of being mentored by Etienne and The Exercise Mechanic at the beginning of my career, and his tutelage shaped my understanding of how the body responds to the world around it. Be that a response to force, a response to perceived threat, or response from trauma/injury

Etienne does not have you memorize answers, he teaches you the formula. Armed with that formula, you can now look at whatever client “problem” you come across, apply the formula and come up with the answers yourself."

Shannon Branton

Your instructor:

Etienne Asselin is one of 5 Canadians to receive the Mastery Designation with Honors from the Resistance Training Specialist. He is also the founder of the Cadaver Exploration Workshop, a unique cadaver experience for fitness professionals. Previously an instructor for RTS International, Etienne believes in fostering a dynamic and tailored learning environment for his students.

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"Etienne is a really good educator and teacher. He has the capacity to take complex topics and make them easy to understand. I definitely recommend working with Etienne to anyone who wants to become a better coach."

- Jacob Hamel (founder of Quantum Training)

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