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The Exercise Mechanic difference 

Every course provided by The Exercise Mechanic promotes masterful problem-solving by emphasizing three domains:
Exercise Mechanics, Behavioral Psychology and Neuroscience.

We go beyond teaching you systems.

We teach you why things work so you can think outside the box, deliver industry-disrupting results, and
become an Exercise Mechanic.

Exercise Mechanics

Behavioral Psychology


Here's what our students have to say!

"I had the great privilege of being mentored by Etienne and The Exercise Mechanic at the beginning of my career, and his tutelage shaped my understanding of how the body responds to the world around it. Be that a response to force, a response to perceived threat, or response from trauma/injury.

Etienne helps you see and understand people, their structure, how they move etc. and that understanding allows you to pick exercises that are tailored to your client, rather than having a “primal movements” box that you need to squish everyone into.

My biggest praise of Etienne is his authentic pursuit of elevating the service offered by this industry. His passion is palpable, his energy is infectious. Etienne does not teach a list of do’s or don’ts. You will not leave with a new program which you can follow to the letter to help with your client’s “upper cross syndrome”. Etienne does not have you memorize answers, he teaches you the formula. Armed with that formula, you can now look at whatever client “problem” you come across, apply the formula and come up with the answers yourself. There is zero doubt in my mind that I am the trainer I am today because Etienne helped teach me how to think about the body and movement, not what to do with the body and movement.

5 years later, I took a new course he is offering, and I was even more impressed. Etienne is a pioneer in this area of teaching, the way he blends and teaches research that previously sat in separate buckets is a leap forward in improving how we service our clients. I HIGHLY recommend anyone who wants to elevate their skill set, thought process and ability as a trainer- work with Etienne."

- Shannon Branton - Personal Trainer

"My name is Ryan Taylor, and I have been a Personal Trainer in Ottawa, ON for 9+ years. I have had the opportunity to learn from Etienne through a number of his courses, workshops and seminars over the last several years. I have attended seminars on anatomy and physiology, on neurology, basics of biomechanics, a cadaver exploration workshop, and most recently, the inaugural weekend course on creating a tailormade exercise experience through the Exercise Mechanic.

Etienne has absolutely shaped, and in some ways revolutionized, my approach to being a fitness professional. Through his guidance, I have developed a deeper understanding of the base components of the human body, which in turn has allowed me to make more educated decisions regarding my own clients.

While Etienne’s knowledge is extensive, it is not the thing that separates him as an educator. His passion for teaching and helping others drives the energy in his classes. Most importantly, he teaches his students how to think, a valuable tool that allows his students to continue to develop their skills beyond the classroom. I would not be half the trainer that I am today if it wasn’t for Etienne’s help over the years, and anyone who has an opportunity to learn from him should seize it!"

- Ryan Taylor - Personal Trainer

"Etienne is a passionate, knowledgeable, and engaging educator. He creates a dynamic learning environment as he instructs complex topics in human movement. 

Etienne gives attention to details in what he teaches and he instructs in a way that is not solely to deliver information and material. He challenges his students to think intelligently, three dimensionally, and to raise their standard of understanding of how the body works.

I recommend The Exercise Mechanic initiative for fitness professionals who are looking for valuable educational courses and workshops."

-Jennifer Ventura RKin. & Founder of Blue Feather Fitness

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