Knee Re-Abilitation:

A Neuro-Anatomical perspective

Gain confidence working with common knee injuries,
Decrease the risk of future injuries & sprains,

Solve treatment resistant injuries, &

Empower you and your clients out of pain, faster.

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In this online course we cover:

  • The functional anatomy of the knee complex,
  • The fundamentals of pain science,
  • Common myths and misconceptions that hold us back from effective rehabilitation,
  • The top 3 knee injuries that fitness professionals will encounter throughout their careers,
  • A 5-step process to empower you or your clients out of pain, and
  • A framework to integrate the proposed model into your current practice.

Student Testimonials

"This course hit the spots missing for trainers to look at how to deal with clients knee pain. A straight forward, information packed, well delivered course for anyone who works with people in a training or rehab environment. Thanks Etienne"


- Chris F.
"This course was informative, interesting and thorough. Etienne is a very clear communicator with his language and his diagrams and pictures. I really enjoyed it and hope to apply the principles to my own knee rehab."


- Jennifer P.
"The Exercise Mechanic is the progression of the fitness industry’s instructional model. Our experience and knowledge to date has lead you so far. Etienne builds upon this framework in a simple format to further your skill set as a professional."
- Jeffrey B.
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Here's a sample of what's included...

Functional Anatomy


Common Injuries


Pain Science Fundamentals


Movement Progressions

To take your client from sensitized to pain-free!

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Take the next step in your journey as a growth-minded fitness professional.

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