In person courses

Are you looking for an in person, hands-on learning experience? Check out the courses linked below for dates near you!

The Hypertrophy Intensive

Learn the non-negotiables of muscle gain.
Streamline results.

- Effective program design for hypertrophy
- NutritionalĀ periodization
- Biomechanics
- And much more.

Instructors: Ryan Taylor & Etienne Asselin

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The Exercise Mechanic: Level-1

Learn the pillars of clinical personal training.
Become indispensable.

- Biomechanics of spine, lower body and upper body exercises
- Modern Pain scienceĀ to supercharge your results
- Comprehensive coaching strategies
- And much more.

Instructor: Etienne Asselin

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LIVE-OnlineĀ courses

Want the benefits of interactive learning and the flexibility of online courses? Check outĀ our LIVE online courses below!

TheĀ Exercise Mechanic Internship

Master the art & science of personal training.
Become an Exercise Mechanic.Ā 

The Exercise Mechanic Internship is our 16-week flagship program designed to create lasting change in your professional thought process.


-Ā Deepen your understanding with our 16-week curriculum
- Integrated learning with lit reviews, debates and more!
- Go deep into the 4 pillars: Functional anatomy, exercise mechanics, pain neuroscience & coaching
- Empowered problem solving & communication
- And more.

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Self-paced learning

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