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Jan 31, 2024


The Personal Training industry is evolving

In the face of this evolution, many trainers are feeling confused and overwhelmed. You may even be one of them. And I get it. Had I not met my mentors at a young age, I’d be overwhelmed too! Fortunately, there exists an antidote to the ailment of anxiety: Action. 

Repeat after me: Action. Alleviates. Anxiety.

As we take control of our future, anxiety disappears… But more on that later.

The personal training industry is evolving fast, and clinically. Fitness professionals need to evolve from bro-science to clinical in order to keep up with the mob of trainers, and the expectations of clients. Those who don't are being left behind and those who embrace the change are being recognized as leaders. It’s an exciting time to be a fitness professional. We’re on the cutting edge of health-care with more information than ever before at our disposal.

But here’s the problem. True progress in personal training isn't just about absorbing new information. Information is great, but knowing when to apply it is what matters most. In the face of all of this information, the one that knows best how to apply the principles and think through problems wins.


Because the human organism is a dynamic system that cannot be reduced down to simply mechanical principles. 💯


Key point: Dynamic systems, though chaotic, follow basic principles. This makes them somewhat predictable in the end. It's through the leveraging of these basic principles that the true power of personal training gets unlocked.



Why mentorship trumps classical education:

Classic education focuses on absorbing facts and soundbites, often creating an illusion of understanding. Words like "stability," "joint centration," "shear", "functional" and “torque” are commonly used, and often misunderstood. 

Mentorship builds off the strengths of classic education while adding the missing piece that connects the dots: nuance. In our mentorship program our students construct a professional thought process that thrives with new information. We create fitness professionals with agile problem-solving abilities capable of taking on challenges that go beyond the usual scope of personal training. We train fitness professionals to stand out from the competition onto the uncompetitive grounds of clinical personal training. And they’re reaping the rewards.

Allowing yourself to be sculpted through coaching and experiential learning will skyrocket your professional evolution.


Overview of The Exercise Mechanic Mentorship:

What sets our mentorship program apart is our central philosophy.

This may surprise you, but we’re not interested in making your life easier and giving you the answers. Why?

Because your growth requires struggle. The steepest of climbs lead to the best of views, and meaningful change only blossoms out of the
fertile soil of challenge and persistence. #sorrynotsorry

Our mentorship program nurtures a clinical thought process, which has tremendous upside for those willing to do the work. This is because all training decisions manipulate the same fundamental variables. From sensitized populations to athletic training, the variables are the same. Delving deeper into the components of exercise is empowering. It helps us overcome obstacles that would've stopped us before. As we delve further, the world of personal training opens up, and we explore new opportunities.


What do personal trainers and master chefs have in common?

Think of it this way... Exercise is like pasta sauce. Like exercise, all pasta sauces are the manipulation of the same core ingredients (tomatoes, garlic, onion, basil, oil, salt and pepper, etc.) - and yet there are almost infinite variations available to please people, ranging from extra chunky to primavera and roasted garlic.

When it comes to sauce-making, a master chef is less constrained than an amateur. Master chefs aren’t limited to using predetermined recipes or canned sauces to please their customers. They can make one that is tailor-made to the needs & preferences of their customers. They can tweak recipes, transforming them from average to “wow”. All because they understand the ingredients. Master chefs understand the acidity of tomatoes, the heat of garlic and the undertone of anise in basil. It is this comprehension of the ingredients that unlocks problem solving and innovation.

Exercise is no different. From pilates to powerlifting to rehab, the INGREDIENTS of exercise are the same, regardless of the “flavour”. Anatomy, resistance, movement, neuroception, and more, are the ingredients. It is through the understanding of the ingredients of exercise that we can evolve beyond the memorization of recipes (systems) into the rare-air of customization and mastery. Which ultimately broadens our professional horizons and income potential.

See! Not so crazy of an analogy after all! 😉 🤌🏼


Features of the program: A human-centric mentorship experience

Being human-centric means making space for your human experience. Your emotions, challenges, triumphs and heartbreaks. A human-centric model actively makes space for your humanity instead of needing to“suck-it-up” out of fear of judgment.

Our mentorship program spans up to 12 months and is crafted collaboratively with our students. Personalised monthly sessions address immediate needs and foster long-term growth. This results in empowered professionals, who are actively engaged in their education. Our curriculum educates and challenges students, calling forward their best selves; personally and professionally.


As Ted Lasso said:



That sounds about right. What a waste it would be if we reduced you down to your career. You’re so much more than that.

We practise a human-centric model because your personal and professional growth are interdependent and synergistic. Prioritizing only one leaves results on the table. Our program creates an environment where level-10 people craft level-10 careers.


The curriculum: 

The curricula vary. The topics include (and aren’t limited to) anatomy, exercise mechanics, pain neuroscience, philosophy, psychology, business development, and more. The needs, curiosities and goals of our students determine which topics are prioritized, and in which order.

Our mentorship students get 4 hours of individual time each month. They also receive downloadable recordings of every call and big discounts on all our courses to promote lifelong learning at affordable prices.


Act Now, Evolve Tomorrow.

Three things in life are guaranteed:

  1. Death
  2. Taxes, and
  3. That the personal training industry will continue to evolve. With or without you.

For you and your clients sake… I hope you choose evolution.


It's your turn.

I can’t want this for you. I can’t make you do anything.

You need to decide whether you’re ready to stop f*cking around and take control of your professional future.


Think our mentorship program is right for you? APPLY TODAY.

👉🏼 I only work with a few select trainers at a time. Fill out the application and let me know why we should work together.


'Til next time;

Etienne Asselin, mhRTS
Founder of The Exercise Mechanic.


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