Posture and our emotions

emotions pain posture May 06, 2021

Is our current understanding of the body too myopic? 

Have we forgotten the "whole-istic" (holistic) nature of the body; the interdependence of the organism?

From the childhood song "the thigh bone is connected to the... hip bone" we have been taught that the body is connected. We have known that there is a certain "connectedness" within our physiology. 

But, could it be that this connection reaches far beyond solely muscle & bone?

Amy Cuddy, a researcher from Harvard believes that there may in fact be a powerful connection between one's posture, emotional state, hormonal levels and self-efficacy.

Cuddy’s research had two major findings.  The first was that "people who sat in high-power positions felt more powerful than their low-power pose counterparts.  The second was that the power posing actually changed their body chemistry.  Cuddy’s study suggested that those who adopted high-power poses demonstrated an increase in testosterone and a decrease in cortisol."

Cuddy's research suggests that we can influence hormonal levels and self-efficacy by influencing posture.

What if we could not only influence posture in the short-term, but in the long-term?

What if we could influence someone's "set-point" via the unconscious regulation of posture & movement? 

How would this influence all facets of life? 

From general "ease of living" to our sex lives, the influence of posture on all facets of the human experience can no longer be ignored.


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