The Power of Biomechanics for Personal Trainers

Dec 28, 2023

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Today we're exploring the critical link between biomechanics and client results, because our roles as personal trainers have evolved far beyond the realm of "just do it" into the realm of the exercise professional. Our roles now beckon us to develop a sound understanding of the biomechanical intricacies behind each movement. The industry is evolving, and with this evolution powerful information has become available. When we seize it we become more effective. When we seize it, our clients win. Choosing to march alongside the clinical evolution of the fitness industry not only serves us, it serves our clients.

So strap in, fitness aficionados! Let's break down the ironclad truth about exercise.


Exercise is force application

Exercises selection isn't one-size-fits-all. Varying anthropometry, range of motion and injury history all influence what's appropriate, and what isn't. For trainers, this means choosing exercises wisely because each one delivers a unique challenge on the clients' body. Blindly picking exercises is like navigating in the dark - it's guesswork, and our clients deserve better.

Picture this. Our bodies are the canvas, and exercise is the brush that sculpts it. But here's the catch: not all strokes create the same masterpiece. Enter Davis's law, the unsung hero of tissue change! It whispers, and our soft tissues, those pliable muscles and tendons, dance (and adapt) to the tune of stress! This matters for us trainers because each exercise offers a unique challenge to our clients' bodies, and appropriateness depends on many factors including the clients history, and preparation.


Biomechanical self-defence

Imagine having the superpower to discern the gems from the turds in the fitness industry. That's one of the advantages of a sound biomechanical understanding. Bioemechanics is our sword and shield against the onslaught of misinformation and fads peddled as urgent truths! Armed with this knowledge, we can think critically through situations when other would follow blindly. Armed with this knowledge you become more than a follower; you become the creator of your career. You become a leader.

Biomechanics gives us the power to sift through the noise and discern between fact and fiction. 👊🏼


Frett not!

Despite its complex facade, biomechanical proficiency isn't reserved for the rare few. It's available to you, and it is within your reach. I've taught the essentials of exercise mechanics for 10 years now to hundreds of personal trainers, and you can learn too. Trust me.

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Etienne Asselin, mhRTS
Founder of The Exercise Mechanic

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